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Perfect Ways to Protect Yourself against Winter Weather

Do you live in a place where winter weather can distract you from leading a peaceful life? If so, you have a reason to be worried. When you are exposed to extreme weather, you may suffer from many health problems. Some people have also lost their lives for the same reason. But your property is also not safe.

You do not have to suffer the same safe. For you, your family and all your belongings to stay safe, here are what you can do.

Prepare Your Home and Family

Develop an up-to-date emergency plan that takes care of all your family’s needs. It should put into consideration the needs of infants and seniors. Have an adequate number of blankets and replenish your emergency supply kits. Also, ensure all your family pets are indoors. If need be, create a secure enclosed place for your livestock and your other animals, as well.

Ensure you have adequate supplies. You need an amount of food that will take care of your needs for all the days that you expect to be largely indoors. Since you will also need to cook, get an adequate amount of heating fuel. You may also consider filling the tank of your car if you need. Also, have the right shovels and train all your family members how to use them.

Bring other equipment that your family will need for entertainment purposes. They deserve the peace of mind at this moment. When the weather is extremely cold, or snow is everywhere, you cannot engage in any outdoor sporting activity. That is why you need to be creative and think of things such as bobblehead that you can put on top of your table and use as a source of inspiration.

Irrespective of the time remaining, you may get a custom bobblehead. Follow this link and view the different types of bobbleheads that you can order from the comfort of your home. By doing this, you will be prepared to meet the psychological and physical needs of your family.

Dress Appropriately

Your manner of dressing should show that you understand the risk you are facing. Heavy clothing is great. However, you should not use a single layer of that. Several layers of loose-fitting and lightweight clothing will serve you best. Moreover, ensure that your outer garments are not only water-repellent but also tightly woven.

Other than that, you need to wear mittens. Some people prefer gloves, but these are better for gloves by all standards. This means if you are anticipating adverse weather conditions, mittens are the best option. Gloves can help you in the cold but not during snowy weather.

Another important thing that you need is a protective hat. Get a high-quality one, and use it at all times, especially when you are outdoors. To protect your lungs as well from the cold, ensure you cover your mouth with a clean scarf.

Avoid Unnecessary Driving

Snow can make it difficult for your car to move. Before the season begins, ensure your vehicles have the necessary installations. This way, you will be able to avoid such happenings,

However, whether you think you are perfectly prepared for the storm or not, you should drive if you have to do it. If the effort is not worth it, you should better stay at home with your family in a warm and safe environment where you can keep entertaining yourself and enjoying life as you watch your bobbleheads.

If you have to drive, do it during the day. Besides, ensure you travel with others. And stay on main roads where you can be helped with ease if there is a need.

Lastly, ensure that other people who are close with you know your destination, what you are going to do, and when you are expected to return home.

Eat Light

It would help if you ate a light meal. A snack can do. When you eat a heavy meal, the body will ensure that much of your blood flow to your gastrointestinal system to facilitate the process of digestion.

When the weather is cold, you need a lot of blood to circulate in your toes and fingers. As you know, blood is always warm. As such, you should avoid anything that will reduce the amount of blood that flows to these areas.

That is not to say that heavy meals are bad. You deserve to eat well and get satisfied. However, for the sake of your safety, save these kinds of meals until when you are safely back home.

Bottom Line

When you are exposed to the cold, choose your line of defense carefully. It would be best if you considered your clothing and eating habits. Take care of the interest of all your family members. Even if you think you are healthy or have thick head hair, you still need to follow these principles. If you do so, the adverse effects of weather will not cause you or any of your family members any pain.

5 Healthy Shoveling Tips

Got snow? If you have been suffering from back pain after every winter season, you admittedly have been struggling to shovel your snow. Above all, it is highly probable that you have been doing it the wrong way. Here are a few things that you need to follow next time to prevent the health problems you have been experiencing.

Choose the Right Snow Shovel

If you choose a poorly designed shovel, you can be sure there is no way you will be safe. This is your primary tool, so ensure you go for one that will keep you perfectly safe. You can find a wide variety of snow shovels here, The safest ones have adjustable handle length or a curved handle.

With any of these two options, you will be only required to bend your knees and arch your back slightly as you shovel the snow. As you do this, you will still be able to keep the blade of your shovel entirely on the growth and do your work well. This way, you will minimize painful bending.

Other than that, you should choose a shovel that is small and lightweight. A heavy one may make your life incredibly difficult. You want something that will help to reduce the amount of weight that you are moving. While plastic blades may not last long, they are the best for your safety. However, you are also welcome to consider other lightweight options on the market.

Prepare Well in Advance

Snow shoveling is just like any other exercise. You cannot engage in it without first warming up. March in place or participate in another full-body activity. Also, take part some gentle stretching exercises.

Moreover, you can limber up your shoulders and arms for a while. Through these activities, you will be able to stretch your muscles and get your blood flowing healthily. Through this, you increase your safety and efficiency.

Additionally, ensure your shovel is in the best shape. Wax it to be slippery. Use a candle, floor, or car wax. You can also make use of many other types of sprays to be able to prevent snow from sticking on the blades.

Moreover, remember to dress to protect yourself. Ensure you stay warm throughout. Furthermore, plan to take breaks. If you are in not-such-great shape, you will expose yourself to more danger than ever.

Use Ergonomic Lifting Techniques

Once you are set to start snow shoveling, you are now free to step outside and start the real work. Use the safest techniques to achieve your goal. Your first step should be to ensure your knees are bent to be able to use your legs to lift the snow. As you lift, be sure the blade remains close to you. As such, you will reduce the strain on your health.

Do not overwork a few of your muscles at the expense of others. Switch off between using your right hand and the left side. Change your grip on your hand that is holding the bar. Through this, your back muscles will have some opportunities to rest as the work continues uninterrupted.

At the same time, be sure you pace yourself. When the work is too much, find a way of dividing it into manageable bits. For example, if the snow is one foot in-depth, you should skim the top inches off before you scoop up the bottom ones. You can use a single scoop if the snowfall is lightweight. The idea is that you should only lift the amount that you can comfortably carry.

Stand on a Stable Ground

The slippery conditions that often exist when people shovel are some of the leading causes of injury. It is excellent to ensure you wear shoes or boots with proper treads during the preparation stage. However, you should do more than that. If the area is too slippery, spread sand or rock salt on where you keep your feet. By doing this, you will increase traction and reduce the chances of slipping on the ice, which can cause you untold problems.

Be Flexible

 When you realize shoveling is not doing the work as earlier as it should be, be free to consider using a snowblower. For you to reap the most out of it, use the power of your legs more than your back. Your back should remain straight, but your knees bent. As we have seen, you can use either of these tools to remove snow on your yards, but you must focus on using the safest techniques.

Final Thoughts

Understandably, the work of removing snow from your footpaths and driveway can be difficult in the winter. However, the good news is that you can solve this problem quickly and safely if you follow the right approach. Keep these points in mind to achieve this and lessen your chances of suffering from back pain and other health problems during and after every winter season.

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