They could be dreaming of an upgrade, a new location or under pressure to move for a host of personal or professional reasons, but what they look for is always the same. Vendors want the best service, the best price and their house to be sold as quickly as possible. So how can you show prospects that you are the agency to do just that?

  1. Reputation. It gets you on a vendor’s radar, and it builds their confidence that your agency is capable and known to provide a seamless service. Word of mouth plays an invaluable role here and it pays to harness the power of your social media accounts. Social is your reputation sounding board; keep an ear to any conversations about your agency and share your successes and glowing testimonials online.
  2. Trust. Never underestimate what an emotionally-driven time selling a house is. Prospects will be turning to friends and family looking for the recommendation that will give them confidence during this stress-filled process. So focus on building long-term relationships rather than one-off transactions with clients to increase the chances of them doing business with you and providing a trusted recommendation to friends and family. Statistically it’s the biggest reason why vendors choose an agent and they need to be given a strong reason to trust you. 
  3. Exposure. Is your website easily found? Do you have a strong following on social media? Are your branches attractive and inviting to prospects? Prove that you can market their property effectively by first marketing yourself well.
  4. Presentation. Vendors will be taking a critical eye to how you present listings both on and offline. They want assurance that you have all the necessary tools to hand and their home will be advertised in a professional and attractive way.
  5. Knowledge. Are you realistic about what the market can achieve? Do you truly understand the local area and its potential? Demonstrate to prospective vendors your thorough understanding of the market, keep up to date with the latest market and finance news, property blogs and get involved in discussions online. 
  6. Experience. When speaking to a prospective vendor, prove your experience by talking through some great recent examples of sales and chat through any similar properties to the client. Through your experience and work in the area, you are more than likely to have a selection of potential buyers who may be interested in a property like theirs. 

The bottom line: Logical factors aside, vendors will listen to their gut, ’Do I trust these people and feel comfortable giving them my home to sell?’

Make sure you’ve done everything you can to influence that gut feeling. 

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